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11 July 2012

Who put the "gimme" in gimmickry? - on how to win business and infuence people...

"Hi! My name is John and I'm an..."

You can decide what I am, but please wait a moment until after you've read my post ; )

I've got a question - Are you any of the following:
- a consumer
- a customer
- a client
- a patient?

When are we any of these and how much power do we levy when we are?

As a consumer, I'm a user.
But how often is that out of necessity and how often out of pure indulgence, habit, or worst of all, addiction?
As a consumer, I'm classified in terms of what I use, need, or am addicted to.
Where does the producer fit into this?
How much of what is produced is actually needed - like water, air and food?

As a customer, I don't necessarily use.
Perhaps I buy to sell - to make a profit, to use the information I have to benefit from the needs, wants, habits or addictions of the consumer.
Perhaps I'm conscientious and do it as a service.

As a client, I'm put in a higher category of power. I'm a customer with financial and influential clout. I can make more decisions on what I buy. It's not a necessity thing, but rather part of the cycle of which I am integral.

As a patient, I am the end-product.
Perhaps I haven't got what I need, perhaps I'm trying to break some bad habit, or overcome an addiction.
I am also a bi-product of the cycle of winning business and influencing people.
I am out of the circle, I have no influence.
I am a basic consumer - my needs are to survive.

So, now back to my original question - which one are you and why?

Are you driven by basic needs, wants, habits or addictions?

Is gimmickry part and parcel of what makes you tick?

Are you an end, or a bi-product, or do you call the shots?

"Hi! My name is John and I'm an..."

Thanks for reading!


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