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6 May 2012

How to see your way through another day at work

How to see your way through another day at work
So, you've made it in for another day at the office and done the rounds in order to be spotted - making sure everyone sees you're in.
"Good morning Mike!" you shout as loudly and as cheerily as you can across the corridor, so that even the cleaner who hates your guts waves back...albeit more of a 'f'off and leave me alone!' type of a wave than a genuinely friendly one... to set about that all important task - how to get the most out of your day!
The following sequence is taken from "The Art of Napping at Work" by Camille Anthony 
1: Announce your nap to yourself and your colleagues
Announcing that you're just closing your eyes for a few guilty moments won't cut it - you have to give yourself permission to nap to get the most out of it...
2: Collect your equipment
Blankets, pillows and, where possible, a foldout bed will ensure you get the most out of the rest, and help you separate nap-time from the rest of the day
3: Make sure you're not worried about waking up
Some people wake up naturally, but if you are worried, make sure you have an alarm. It's difficult to enjoy your 40 winks if you keep getting up to check the time after 15, 20 and 30 winks
4: Control your nap environment
There is nothing worse than being woken up mid-nap, so either tell everyone what you are doing, or take yourself off to somewhere you won't be disturbed. According to this survey, the loo and the car are the most popular options
5: Be prepared for grogginess when you wake up
Sleep is characterised by cycles of light and deep sleep. If you wake up in the middle of a deep sleep, you will feel groggy for 15 to 20 minutes. In most cases, if you sleep for less than 30 minutes, you won't enter deep sleep, but experiment to see what works for you
...finally, as you leave the office, make sure to wave goodbye - there's nothing more suspicious than a cheery employee in the morning and a grumpy one in the evening!
Thanks for reading and happy snoozing, er working!


  1. I work from home, so I'm one of those lucky people who can plan napping around their meeting schedule. I personally believe that napping at work would foster a better and even more productive work environment. Who wants to work with a grumpy coworker or with someone who can't get their work done? No one. #NapOn

  2. Hi Kelly and thanks for your comment! I agree about napping at work and am a huge power sleep fan for the very reasons you've outlined. Personally, I'd much prefer to drift away into the nether-regions for 5 minutes and be happy than stay awake and be as you say, grumpy... : ) J.D.