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29 June 2012

Shooting from the hip - on blogs, bilge and missing the target...

Here's something I haven't done in a long time and should do more of - off the cuff posts about things that matter to me...

I read somewhere that blogging is therapy and this makes sense in a 'get it off your chest' sort of way.

As a youngster, I used to write a lot - it started with poetry, song lyrics and now as an adult, it's transmogrified into something more formidable like finishing my first manuscript.

Anyway, when the shit hits the fan, it's always served me well in the sense that I got said what was in my head and it's helped to unfurl those damned knots that get in there on many, many occasions.

Now my point here is this...

...who reads this stuff and does it matter?

There are people out there who'll never read this or anything I've ever written, but is this the point of writing, getting it all out?
I would say no and put at least about 80% of effort into saying it!

To take this further, let's consider the well-worn expression 'shooting from the hip' and explore it's meaning for a moment.

To you it probably means something else and you're probably right, but to me it means trying to hit something in such a hurry to shoot that you end up missing the target - sounds woefully pessimistic I know, but think about it...

...aren't the chances of hitting the target far greater if you take your time, aim carefully and then let fly?
Besides, if you do miss at the first, second, or even three times twenty attempt there's always the fall back that if at first you don't succeed, you can always try again...

Now think about how often you've practiced the calm, calculated, smirk-on-face approach and compare it to the times you've shot from the hip, let fly and missed.

Well, the outcome is completely different, isn't it?

Yes indeedy, when you shoot from the hip, the chances of hitting the target are greatly diminished, so why waste the shot?

Now, here's my point - the same can be asked of your blog, or anything you write for a particular audience, or target reader.

Why waste the shot?

As much as I agree with blogging as therapy and should serve no other reason -  we all know deep down that it does matter who and whether people read it or not - so why waste your shot?

In summary, I guess you could say that thoughtful, well aimed and well executed blogs will hit intended targets, whereas 'shot in the dark' blogs won't.

Having said that however, shooting from the hip may hit something you weren't expecting and why not do both?

In short, I'm a hip shooter and have been for for some time - if something gets me going, I'll let fly. Over time my aim has improved and I've hit more targets than before and you know, if I don't, there's always therapy!

Keep blogging and thanks for reading...



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