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6 July 2012

A one sentence summary of my book "Honey have you seen my REALIA?"...

Book title:

Honey have you seen my REALIA?


Total fiction/Fancyful lit

One sentence summary:

Back in the valley where the children were taken, the Breed have lost hope as their leader Nor Bap dies and the task of finding the REALIA is passed on to his 7th wife Ma who takes the quest to the literate haven of Taws.


  1. Are you going to self-publish or seek an agent?

  2. Hi Jeri and thanks for your comment : ) It reminds me of the Facebook scenario when you have to decide whether to 'accept' or 'ignore'...although I recognize the potential of self-publishing as a path that's gaining momentum as a force to reckoned with, I'm more inclined towards seeking an agent as it would take the 'self' out of the equation...I'd be interested to hear what do you think. J.D.