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17 July 2012

Is "share" the new "like"? On the changing face of Facebook...

I'm not a massive Facebook(er), but I see it's potential and am fascinated by the variety of ways it is used by my Facebook friends.

When I first joined up, I had no idea what I was supposed to do and I set about increasing my friend count, employing various techniques to do so, none of which seemed to work with any major effect.
So I started to lose interest...
I ended up doing most of my networking on Twitter, which is where I still focus most of my time and energy.

I started to really like Twitter because I find it more interesting and more convenient for self-promotion - in my case, my recently finished MS.
Ironically, it was through Twitter that I started to check out Facebook again and that's when I discovered the "share" button...

"share" or "like"?

Is it easier and less committal to "like" on Facebook than it is to "share"?

In my opinion, sharing is more involving.
Although I'm not into all this nonsense about having to leave a comment just because there's a comment box and that apparently, is the difference - the comment box.

If I "like", I "share" and only if I really want to, I leave a comment.

What do you think?

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  1. I shared something I didn't like. It was a badge that stated pride in being politically conservative. I gently clarified what it meant to be a constitutional originalist. Then I pointed out that America does indeed have many social programs (in reponse to the last line on a badge that state that socialism sucks). Then I stated that civil rights are for everyone, not just for some (in response to marriage being between a man and a woman).

    Needless to say, some serious crap hit the fan and a parent of a former student totally attacked me (and she's not even my FB friend).

    Maybe I got the response I was seeking. After all, it's fun to ruffle a few feathers every now and again. Voicing my "liberal" beliefs is one great thing about being away from teh classroom.

    Sometimes you just gotta hit that button!

    1. Sometimes you do, need to "hit that button", but sometimes it is best just to let it go. Just because you can; doesn't mean, you should. Be proud that you live in a place that you can express your opinion. Have a day. :)